Get a fresh start to your heart

Fresh Heart ProjectTM

The Fresh Heart ProjectTM is a unique, tailored approach designed by Dr Zarrin Shaikh, to look at both cardiac disease and general wellbeing through the lens of our lifestyles.

The coaching sessions are based on the 5 Fresh Heart pillars, outlined below.

Fresh Heart Pillars


Food is information for our bodies. The food we ingest informs how we live.

We will address current diet and look at how to modify what and how you eat for optimal cardiac health. We believe that enjoying your food is key and therefore we design not only nutritious, but delicious meal plans.


The World Health Organisation is calling stress the epidemic of the 21st century. Chronic stress promotes many cardiac diseases.

We will measure your stress response and then look at individualised relaxation techniques that can be incorporated into everyday life to help relax the mind and body, thus protecting the heart.


Sedentary lifestyles are a key contributor to poor cardiac health.

Exercise will form the cornerstone of our sessions no matter what the ability. We will create an individual plan for maintaining a consistent exercise practice.


Getting a good night’s sleep reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease.

We will take a full sleep history, we will address sleep concerns and develop a personal “Sleep plan”.


The fundamental key to good health is our state of mind.

We round off our sessions by identifying barriers to happiness in a supportive environment. We look at how these can be addressed to lead a happy, healthy, fulfilled life.


Fresh Heart Project: 1 day corporate session

This session is ideal for companies looking to give their employees the tools to live their best life and thus improve productivity in the workplace. 

All aspects of the 5 fresh heart pillars are addressed with tips for incorporating them into daily routines no matter how busy. 

Feedback from recent day sessions has been excellent:

Testimonials July 2019


Fresh Heart Project: 10 week coaching 

This 10 week coaching programme is designed for small groups with the aim of looking at methods to prevent cardiovascular disease and improve current cardiovascular status. The goal is for participants to live happier, healthier lives. It doesn’t matter what your background is, everyone is very welcome.

We have adopted a group approach as this environment provides a supportive community of people who are all going through similar health journeys. This is invaluable and is known to improve health outcomes.

Prior to the start of the programme, each participant will receive an initial cardiology evaluation by Dr Zarrin Shaikh. Previous clinical letters and diagnostic tests will be examined. If requested or if required, this can go hand in hand with a conventional cardiac assessment and diagnostic evaluation (please look at Conventional Cardiology Services in the “Our Services” section).

The sessions will then run on a weekly basis over the course of 10 weeks with ongoing support for a further 4 months. The sessions will address all 5 Fresh Heart pillars. We work together to create realistic plans for evidence based lifestyle change. We evaluate the effectiveness of the lifestyle interventions over the course of the project and adapt any interventions that are not working. 

By optimising your cardiac health you are empowered to live a happy, healthy life. Register today and get a fresh start to your heart.



To register your interest or to simply find out more, please call 01483 343287.